Commercial terms

General capping

If singular terms do not state different, then in these general commercial terms the following terms have the following meaning:

Accord, a. s.
Železničná 3372/10A
911 01 Trenčín
CRN: 17 056 373
TAX ID: SK2020383552
Registry: Okresný súd Trenčín, oddiel Sa, vložka č. 148/R
phone: +421 32 74 18 209

Control Organ:
Slovak Trade Inspection (STI)
Inspectorate for Trencin region
Department of technical control of product and consumer protection.
Sladkovicova 11
97101 Prievidza 1
Phone number: 046/5422 771
Fax number: 046/5420 685

The buyer is a physical entity or legal entity, which agreed on a sales contract with the seller, which subject is stock delivery or service delivery of the seller.

The consumer is a physical entity, which during the contract agreement does not act upon their own sales activity or other business activities and buys products or services only for personal and physical use, primarily of its own or close relatives and not to further use it to perform their employment or business functions.

A remote signed contract is a contract enclosed between the seller and the buyer only for the purpose of shipped sales with the use of long-distance communication which is e-shop led by the seller on the website

The e-shop serves for goods and service sales sold by the seller using the remotely signed contract on the seller’s website

General commercial terms further adjust and specify the rights and needs of both contractual parties consequential from the purchase contract enclosed between the consumer and the seller and account for product / service delivery from the seller to the buyer.
The basic responsibility of the buyer is to thoroughly acknowledge with the general commercial terms for whom they become obligatory upon contract agreement or goods / service ordering via e-shop.

Specific Provisions on remote contract agreement

Remote contract agreement

Remote contract agreement between the seller and buyer is agreed upon based on the buyer’s order made via e-shop selling on the website The agreement is valid right after the order’s confirmation either in full or partially by the seller.


The Buyer is entitled to submit an order by submitting the online form in the e-shop selling on website. Filling in and submitting of an electronic order by the buyer functions as a prompt for contract settlement, to which the buyer is bound after the order is accepted.

The order submission is performed by addition of presented article or service on the seller’s websites to the cart, which is performed by pressing the ‘Add to Cart’ button as well as submitting the amount of units and the following press of the button ‘Add’, which would automatically add the selected articles to the buyer’s cart. These articles are always available for review. The order submission is conditional on the registration in the seller’s information system. During the registration, the buyer is obliged to fill in personal details, which the information system requests. These details will be used for internal needs of the seller and the seller is responsible that these details will not be wrongly used for different purposes.

Each order must primarily contain the name, surname and address of the customer if the buyer is a physical entity, additionally business name, establishment and CRN if the buyer is a legal entity. Further details such as e-mail, phone number, precise product description, number of units, size (if available), payment method, shipment method and where the address of the order’s delivery.
By the order’s submission, the buyer confirms it’s accuracy along with the additional details and declares that he is acknowledged with the information about the product or the character of the sales selling in form of technical descriptions or by presentation of technical parameters of goods or service.

The buyer has the right to cancel an order without any fee by sending a written message to the seller’s address or by sending an email to and that’s before the seller’s order confirmation. The cancellation confirmation must be forwarded by the seller to the buyer with the same method as it was requested by the buyer. Written form is required due to the provided physical cancellation evidence for the seller as well as for halting the order fulfillment.

Order confirmation

After the verification of an article’s availability, the seller sends the buyer an email confirmation about the order confirmation. By the order’s confirmation, the right of the seller to contact the buyer via phone, e-mail or by different means in order to check the order validity or update additional information, remains unchanged.

By confirming the order’s receipt a trade relationship between the buyer and the seller is established. The buyer is then entitled to pay for the ordered and delivered goods, including shipping fees in accordance to the commercial terms.

Prices of articles do not include shipping, packaging, insurance or any other means of delivery to the customer.

The seller is entitled to reject the order in case:
– If there is a suspicion that the buyer is attempting to trick the seller by providing false, fraudulent or incorrect credentials.
– If there is a suspicion that the order is a hacker attack, or similar displays of destructive activities or if it’s a direct attack on the e-shop.
– If there are technical issues with the delivery within the given timeframe, the product is obsolete or not delivered, or if the supplier’s price has changed dramatically
In case the buyer has paid full price before the order was confirmed by the seller, the seller will immediately contact the buyer to arrange further processing. In case the buyer has already paid in full or partially for his order and the seller will not fulfill his part of the contract by not providing the buyer with a product of same quality and price or any supplemental stock, the seller is obliged to return the money paid within 15 days.

Consumer contract withdrawal according to §7 – 10 and consumer charge according to § 3 appendix 1 letter h) and appendix 4 of law nr. 102/2014

The consumer is has the right to withdraw from the contract without any given reason within 14 days since porduct’s delivery. It is expected that this right will be action with the following guidelines. The returned product cannot be used, is without any damage or blemishes, still has origial branding in the place of the etiquette. The consumer can withdraw from the contract before the withdrawal’s period start.

The consumer applies his contract withdrawal right in written form at the seller’s address , or email address or by any other valid means. The consumer can use the contract withdrawal form which is available for download in the commercial terms.

By the consumer’s withdrawal, the contract is cancelled.

The seller is obliged to:
– Take back the returned articles;
– Return the consumer within 14 days since the contract withdrawal notice all payments that have been received based on the contract, or any advance payment that the consumer has already paid for the product. The seller is not obliged to return payments to the consumer before the product’s delivery, or until the consumer does not provide a proof of postage back to the seller.

The consumer is obliged to:
– Return the ordered stock within the next 14 days after the contract’s withdrawal.
– The return costs are paid by the consumer

Consumer charge on contract withdrawal

The contract withdrawal right

You are entitled to withdraw from the contract without reason within a 14 day period.

The 14 day period for contract withdrawal starts immediately after order delivery to the consumer.

By accommodating the contract withdrawal right, you inform us about this decision by unequivocal statement at the following address: . For this purpose you are allowed to use the example form for contract withdrawal which is available in the commercial terms.

The contract withdrawal period is fulfilled after you submit the notice of using the right to withdraw from the contract before this period ends.

Contract withdrawal consequences

After the contract withdrawal, we will return you all payments that have been paid in accordance with the contract’s submission, primarily the purchase price including the shipping costs. This does not apply to additional costs in case you have chosen different shipping option instead of the cheapest available that we offer. The payments will be returned to you without any further ado within 14 days since when your withdrawal notice has been received. The payments will be paid with the same method you have used during your payment process unless you have disagreed with the given payment process, these will not be additionally credited.

The payment for fully paid product will be paid only after you have provided us with the proof of return or after the product is returned to us, this depends on what occurs first.
The means of goods return: Send the goods back or bring them to our address within the given 14 day period applied to contract withdrawal. This period is considered fulfilled if you’d send the goods back before the end of this 14 day period.

Payments for goods return: Primary return costs are covered by you.

Consumer responsibility for damaged return: You are responsible for any value degradation in case of different handling than what is required based on the products characteristics.

Product price and payment terms

The product prices presented in the e-shop are in Euros. Prices shown include tax which is based on current legal tax regulations.

Prices presented in e-shop do not include shipping, packaging, insurance or another shipping method to the customer.

The price of the goods ordered via our e-shop services are the same and valid in the moment of seller’s order confirmation.

Total order price include postage and shipping.

You can perform the payments after the order’s confirmation by one of the following methods:
– Before product’s delivery by:
– Bank transfer to our account
– Credit or debit card payment
– Postage collect delivery payment

In case of payments made before product delivery, please place your payments after you receive our e-mail order confirmation. If the buyer does not pay for the order in 5 days after order’s confirmation, the seller has the right to withdraw from the contract and mark the order as invalid. Thus also ends the relationship between the seller and buyer.

Delivery terms

If the seller and buyer do not agree otherwise, the seller is obliged to fulfill buyer’s order in 30 days since its delivery, if there is not additional period stated on the given product.

In case it is not possible to fulfill the delivery period according to the point 7.1., the seller informs the buyer immediately and offers different delivery date or supplemental product in similar quality and price. In case the seller and buyer do not reach agreement in supplemental fulfillment in accordance to the previous sentence, the seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract and return the price paid for the product in 15 days.

The delivery period is extended by the duration of any given consequences, so called unforeseen consequences; for example armed conflicts, legal activities, permissions, delivery delays, damage caused during delivery. The seller must provide information about these consequences to the buyer with no layovers.

The seller is allowed to perform partial deliveries. In case of consecutive order fulfillment, the postage and packaging costs are tied only to the first delivery.

Ordered good will be shipped to the buyer by the method chosen by themselves and that’s either by Slovak post office or personal collect at our store in Trencin. Immediately after the product is sent via Slovak post office, the buyer is informed about this via e-mail.

The seller is not responsible for blemishes, product damage, which occurs during the shipment process. The seller allows the buyer to draw from the rights of the delivery contract against the shipper.

The shipping price is invoiced together with the product. Original invoice is delivered along with the product.

During the product collection, the buyer is entitled to check the package’s integrity. In case of any damage, he’s obliged to write down a claim on the damage caused in transit. Collection of damaged package is buyer’s responsibility and disputes of this kind will not be accepted.

In case the buyer finds the shipment damaged in transit which is more than just outside package damage, shipment’s completeness or product exchange, the buyer is obliged to dispute this immediately at latest in 3 days since the shipment’s collection. Otherwise the shipment is considered as fulfilled and without issues. Later disputes on shipment completeness, product exchange and transit damaged will not be accepted. Other conditions are highlighted in the dispute terms.

Ownership right entitlement and move over of the product damage responsibility

The ownership of the ordered product is obtained by the buyer immediately after the payments.

The product damage responsibility is moved over to the buyer after the buyer collects the shipment and immediately upon receipt of the proof of delivery.

In case the buyer does not follow steps recommended by the seller, the potential dispute claims on improper manipulation, damage caused by over-use or improper use, or neglected care for product, in case of mechanical damage caused by the buyer will not be considered.

Without consideration of other agreements the seller in accordance with law nr. 294/1999 on responsibility for damaged product, the buyer is not responsible for seller’s losses, or the loss of any further direct or indirect losses caused by any means.

Buyer’s personal information protection

The seller, in accordance with §10 app. 1 law nr. 428/2002, on personal information protection (further „Law on protection of personal information“), states the following on the usage of buyer’s personal information or consumers in the seller’s information system.

The owner of this information system is ACCORD, ltd., CRN: 17056373, Železničná 3372/10A, 911 01 Trencin (further „operator“).
The scope of personal information usage: The operator uses personal information of buyers to identify them in sales, delivery or product disputes, also in marketing services of the e-shop’s owner Goodson.

In accordance with §7 app. 4 letter b) Law on personal informatin protection, the operator is obliged to process personal information of the seller, consumer without their direct approval, if the information is mandatory for contract’s fulfillment where the buyer acts like one of the contractual parties or to enforce pre-contractual relationships on the buyer’s behalf. Furthermore, the operator is obliged to process the following details without buyer’s approval; title, name, surname and address without being allowed to provide additional personal details which is use is primarily assigned for post communication with the buyer, or consumer about the evidence of this information.

The buyer is responsible for correctness and freshness of their personal details which they have provided in the operator’s information system.

The personal information is not shared with the public.

The operator forbids any access to the personal details, except for cases where law takes place and requires the personal data to be reviewed, this is still based on the law enforced. In addition, personal details can be shared to a third party if it was agreed upon between the operator and buyer.

Common and final provisions

Final provisions

These general commercial terms take effect on the day of their publishing.

In case of invalidation of any of these general commercial terms, it does not have any impact on any other term within these general commercial terms. Instead of such a term, a valid legal provision of same level will take place of the invalidated provision.

The guarantee conditions signified by the seller in the warranty deed are prioritized even in place of third part of these general commercial terms.

These e-shop commercial terms are inseparable part of each trade contract which is created within the boundaries of online sales between the seller, Accord ltd, and the buyer – consumer. The buyer – consumer accepts these commercial terms in their fullest by submitting an order to the seller.

The operator reserves the right to change these commercial terms. To make such a change eligible and valid, it must be presented on the website

These terms are valid from 13.6.2014


Downloadable files:
Code of complaint
Product replacement form
Withdraw of contract