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Yuko Shimizu / Vladimír Yurkovic / Jozef Gertli Danglar / Michal Keckes


Is an illustrator living in New York, who performs at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Primarily she’s studied economy at Waseda University in Japan and worked in Tokyo as PR for 10 years, until she had decided to fulfill her childhood dream to become an artist and moved to New York so she could study at SVA. She graduated and earned the title MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in 2003 and since then she leads further generations of promising artist at SVA.

Her work can be found on the pages of newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Time, Playboy or Rolling Stone. She’s worked on ad campaigns of clients such as Microsoft, Visa Card, GAP, MTV and Pepsi.

Yuko Shimizu works are intertwined techniques of traditional Japanese ukiyoe prints and surreal comic book art. All shapes and figures are drawn in the style of Japanese calligraphic brushes which are further enriched by colors in Photoshop. The result of this technique is elegant and harmonic display of her imagination with included elements of sci-fi and fantasy art. Final pictures often have a touch erotica in them and are a combination of the best that American pop culture and Japanese comic culture can bring.

Her first book of illustrations, named after herself, was released worldwide in 2011 and its publisher is the German Gestalten.

In 2012 Yuko Simizu designed exclusively for our brand Good Son 4 t-shirt designs.

Yuko works in her studio on Manhattan and whenever she has the chance, she travels abroad to either teach or attend large variety of presentations.


In 1988 absolved cross-discipline study of industrial design at SVST in Bratislava on the courses of professors M. Suchar and J. Vavra. After his studies he started to work as a designer for Chirana in Stara Tura. After 1989 he started his freelance work and started to work as a graphic designer. In 1991 he’d established Studio September ltd., where he devoted his time to graphic design and worked as an art director until the end of 2008 when he established his design agency YurkovicDesign ltd.

In years 1996 – 2005 he had designed identity and products for the company StandAudio. Along these activities he has a lifelong interest in photography. Since 2002 he runs his own photo-studio in Bratislava on Tomasikova Street. In his work he’s mostly interested in subjective document, portrait, marketing and artistic photography. Since 2002 he’s systematically working on the project Men after Work – where he portraits people right after their work.

Jozef Gertli

Illustrator, painter, cartoonist. Studied high school of industrial arts in Bratislava (1977-1981) and studied the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (1985 – 1991). Both illustrated and designed the cover arts of over 60 books from renowned authors (Peter Pistanek, Lubomir Feldek, Egon Bondy, Viliam Klimacek, Cormac McCarthy). His recognition and admiration have been cemented thanks to the illustrations for the book Roger Krowiak. His comic about Juraj Janosik became well known as well.

The nickname Danlgar was given to him by his classmate. Jozef Gertli, a Sex Pistols fan, worked for more than 10 years in a variety of marketing agencies where he’s seen innumerable amount of photographies which together with his experience from student times, dark humor, and observant eye and large shot of creativity created a basis for his comics and illustrations. Danglar likes to use logos of well-known companies and symbols of American pop-culture. He published, and still publishes, his illustrations in a variety of magazines in both Slovak and Czech republic: Mlada Fronta, Kulturny Zivot, Kankan, Maxi Super, Smena, Sme, Domino Forum, Trend and Pravda.

In 2011 Danglar created the designs for Good Son t-shirts with his own personal image of famous people from Slovak and Czech history (Stur, Stefanik, Masaryk, Havel). He these people to life in acrylics onto canvas, which were a part of his successful exhibitions between 2011-2012 in Bratislava and Olomouc.

Jozef Gertli is married and has two daughters. He lives and works in Bratislava.


Studied art-technical vocational school with upper secondary school exam in Bratislava, with the specialization of stage designer. Through 1999-2006 worked as a designer (graphic works and sign making), since 2006 he’s a CEO of a company which works in the field of marketing, advertising and sales.

Currently he is primarily invested in digital 2D illustration and graphics and in addition to his own work, he also cooperates as a freelancer with multiple marketing agencies and media in both Slovakia and abroad.

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