Men’s fashion

inspired by music and fine arts

as occupation

My name is Jaroslav Dobrotka and I am the CEO of the Trencin concern Accord, which produces and distributes men confection. My occupation is fashion even though I am a life long fan of music and fine arts.

By intertwining of my passion for work and hobbies the unique fashion brand GoodSon has been established..


I have designed the first collection of music inspired t-shirts during my high school times where me and my classmates tagged the name of our band Glimps. The band has disbaned, but the very first t-shirt collection was already released.

The framework
for quality production

Over time, I have realized that I want to earn my living in the world of fashion, and thus I have attended the necessary schools and I have established myself as a specialist for foreign sales in the field of confection. Years of practice taught me the frameworks for good and high quality production: technique, technology, model design, materials and primarily the people which are mandatory in this field of work.

Well made and high quality confection must contain, along with the use of modern technology, part of human handiwork and expertise.


Among GoodSon’s product, you will come across fashionable suits for young people in the slim fit cut. For an excellent price, we offer Italian standards suits with a hint for newest trends and details.

We keep

Our confection offers constantly expand with trend jackets, trousers and coats. We are also preparing limited suit series with special underlay designed by Yuko Shimizu.

Tričká od
renomovaných autorov

You can also find design t-shirts by these renown artists. The designs were created by Jozef Gertli (Czech and Slovak celebrity), Yuko Shimizu (Japanese fantasy-art), Michal Keckes (musicians and L+S) and Vladimir Yurkovic.

of bespoke

Our icing on the cake is the collection of bespoke suits inspired by the wardrobes of well-known musicians. On your request, we will sew you a suit in which the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top or Bob Dylan performed.

Team Members

jaroslav dobrotka

Ing. Jaroslav Dobrotka

Designer and CEO of GoodSon, design assistant and supervisor
Peter Kostka

Ing. Peter Kostka

Salesman, GoodSon brand administration

The GoodSon brand was established with love for fashion, music and fine arts. We believe that we have managed to successfully promote our ideas into particular models and that they will become a major part of your wardrobes.

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